Who we are

We were pioneers in the early days of computerised industrial technology and then online marketing

In 1990 we developed the first South African build computerised on board computer for trucks (CITAS). Which we sold to a South African Listed company

In 1998 we built our first website for ourselves as we could find no-one to build one for us. (www.diamondexchange.com.au)

This was the same year Google started.

Through trial and error (lots of error) we learned what web marketing was all about.

Literally thousands of competitors in our industry (Diamonds & Jewellery) were forced to go online to compete with us

Jarred Morgan was founded in Beverly Hills California and now operates in Shanghai, Toronto, Tel Aviv and South Africa

The founder of the group  now semi-retired but still active can assist you by applying all the knowledge acquired, especially on marketing strategy’s online & offline